Used Solar Panels: A good idea for your Las Vegas Home?

We Install Solar Panels in Las Vegas. The popularity of solar energy is definitely on the rise. Sites like eBay have allowed for systems to become more accessible, as people can buy used solar panels to run their homes. In this post, we will take a quick look at the Used Solar Panel market and analyze if purchasing a system from a reseller is a good idea or not. Continue Reading to learn more about how we at Solar Panels Express can help you achieve all your solar needs for your Las Vegas home today! 

Should you buy Used Panels or Not?
In all honesty, while used panels are a financially affordable route to installing solar, it often poses more challenges and costs than what initially meets the eye. 

  1. Used Panels are most often damaged

Among the main reasons panels are sold ‘used’ is because they have incurred some damage and now function at a less than optimal condition. Furthermore, a Solar panel throughout its 30 year lifetime will face reduced output; the one being sold could be at the end of its lifespan. Large commercial solar projects will often have damaged panels that they resell to maximize financial value.

  1. The Solar industry is rapidly expanding 

The widespread growth of solar energy will bring new unique and innovative technologies to the forefront. These technological advancements are being sold at rapidly falling prices for a good chunk of time. Even a good condition used solar panel will have outdated photovoltaic technology that will be less efficient than a newer panel on the market. Therefore you will most likely save money by investing the funds into a new panel/system in the long run instead of buying a used panel right now.

  1. Solar Warranties

Most solar manufacturers will provide both production and equipment warranties when purchasing a solar energy system, guaranteeing that your panels will produce at particular efficiencies and protect you from physical damage or failure. Used panels don’t always have that luxury attached to them, and you can become vulnerable to low production or loss without any coverage plan. This is because used panels have already been operating; they are likely producing at a lower efficiency than they began at, as all solar panels will degrade over time. Additionally, there is no right way to verify that used solar panels will even work in the first place, and you might end up purchasing completely broken or unusable equipment.

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