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Solar VS. Wind Energy- Which one is right for your Las Vegas Home?

We Install Solar Panels in Las Vegas. Every day, more and more Americans turn to renewable energy sources to power their homes and minimize the impact on the environment.

We Install Solar Panels in Las Vegas.  Every day, more and more Americans turn to renewable energy sources to power their homes and minimize the impact on the environment.  Nevada being a hub for both wind and solar energy, a pertinent question emerges; which one is right for my home. Weighing your renewable energy systems options is critical; the system needs to be economical and bring a considerable reduction to your energy consumption expenses. Here is everything you need to know about these two residential energy choices.

Renewable energy for residential properties- BreakDown

Considering the big picture, the US produces a significant amount more wind energy than solar. The primary advantage being Wind turbines can generate electricity continuously; there is no dependency on sunlight. In 2019 from the total renewable energy generated in the US, 24% was wind-based and only 9% Solar. Wind energy is clearly preferred for large-scale production requirements, given the capability to create massive amounts of power for energy-intensive operations via wind farms. However, when it comes to residential properties, the picture is slightly different; Solar panels are substantially more convenient, practical, and comparatively beneficial. 

Installation and Maintenance
The drawbacks of residential wind turbines are the lack of space efficiency, being built higher than any obstacles that can block the wind, and the constant need to be exposed to frequent, sustained winds. Therefore for rural areas, with plenty of space, few obstructions, and uninterrupted wind, a turbine can be a fantastic power generation choice. This can be a challenge for urban areas’ properties due to safety issues and property height laws. 

Contrastly, Solar panels are incredibly flexible and can be installed on any roof or the ground. Furthermore, given the massive demand for Solar energy, the trend of Solar equipment getting more cost-effective is projected to grow increasingly fast, having dropped in prices by 89% since 2010. When it comes to maintenance, solar panels are stationary, with an industry life span of 25+ years, requiring little to no maintenance. Wind turbines will need to be serviced every few months, costing thousands each time. Moving parts will be replaced or lubricated, and as the system ages, these repairs could be more frequent. In Sunny Las Vegas, having shortages of sunlight will be no worry. The same does not apply to the wind! 

Power generation and efficiency

Inland Power Light and Co, a northwestern utility company, conducted a comprehensive study analyzing residential solar vs. wind energy. The result was outstandingly in favor of solar energy, and over the 14-month experiment, solar power generated five times more than the wind turbine. At Solar Panels Express, we install panels that are the best in the industry, converting 22-23% of the sunlight energy to power. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Solar panels make the most sense given the lower maintenance cost, flexibility, and practical efficiency. Both systems are reasonably priced alternatives to fossil fuel-based sources and will reliably generate clean energy. At Solar Panels Express, our mission is to provide a reliable and affordable solution for homeowners to save money on their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. If you want to invest in Solar Panels in Las Vegas, contact us today!

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