Solar Shopping Tips in Las Vegas!

We install solar panels in Las Vegas. Switching to solar energy and having your very own system produce clean, sustainable electricity is most definitely among the needs of the hour. Furthermore, Solar energy can help you reduce your carbon footprint; the average system can contribute to a considerable three to four-ton reduction in carbon emissions. Even if we do not necessarily identify as environmentalists or have that burning green passion, it is in our best interests to do our part to save our planet; and solar energy is one perfect way forward. With that in mind, here are some tips to use while you are shopping for your very own solar system to power your Las Vegas Home today! Please continue reading to find out how we at Solar Panels Express can guide you in this process! 

Aim to cover 100% of your electricity costs

We have come a long way in the drive to switch to more environmentally conscious methods of producing energy, but we still have plenty of a journey left! As of 2019, the U.S Energy Administration reports that about 63%  percent of our electricity still comes from fossil fuel resources. Hence, if feasible, you should equip yourself with a system that will fully cover your electricity needs, something we can do for you at Solar Panels Express. Not only do you fulfill the environmental angle, but in the long run, this can turn into a financially healthy investment, saving you thousands of dollars annually. 

Shop Local

When looking for solar installers, consider your local options first. Shopping local is essential as it helps empower your community and circulate money through the local economy. Ultimately at the root of all reasons switching to solar is an environmentally conscious choice. Instead of hiring larger companies farther away, Choosing us here at Solar Panels Express will mean fewer carbon emissions; two birds in one stone

Recycle Solar Equipment 

Solar panels have an active life of nearly 30 years, but it never hurts to have a plan in place! Countries worldwide have initiated solar equipment schemes; however, this is still under development here in the United States. This is likely to change in the near horizon as solar systems begin to retire, and groups like the Solar Energy Industries Association are actively looking to implement PV system recycling and have it mandated. Most materials used to make solar panels can effectively be recycled, Including aluminum, glass, copper, etc. 

Use Solar Panels Express for Affordable and Reliable SolutionsGoing solar can be complicated, and the most effective and efficient way to make sure you get an affordable, high-quality installation is by using Solar Panels Express. It is our mission to provide reliable and affordable solutions to our customers based in Dallas. Contact us today, and we will get in touch with you to design and install the most suitable system that will address all of your needs! If you want to shave hundreds off your utility bill and start to enjoy the financial incentives of using solar energy today, please reach out to us!