Solar Power and the Fall – How does it work?

Solar power benefits do not stop in the fall. They become more efficient at generating electricity when it gets cold. The reason is when the temperatures rise, electricity resistance in the solar panels rises. With resistance rising, the power output reduces. 

It is correct to say that solar panels do not generate as much power in the winter and fall as in the spring and summer. But, their performance drops off way lower than you can think. This helps them conserve as much power as they can 

How can you get the best performance from the solar system in the fall? 

  • Keep your solar panels clean always. If your solar panels are full of debris or leaves, clean them up. This is because the power output is greatly reduced when solar panels are covered. When it snows, in most cases the snow slides off the solar panels and if they don’t it’s good to remove it too. Solar panels stay warmer than the rest of the roof in the winter season. That’s why the snow slides off the panels before it can melt off the rest of the roof. During summer and spring, solar panels produce 65% of their annual power output. The rest 35% is produced in the fall and winter. Plan in advance to manage your power usage well. It is an excellent idea to run major appliances during the day when the solar system is producing electricity than in the evening when it’s not. With all your chores done when the power production is on, you can relax at night and not use much power.
  • Invest in home batteries. If no one is home all day, your home does not use much electricity then. Home batteries store the power that your solar system produces during the day. This is the power you will use in the evening after coming home. Home batteries can also supply power to your home during a blackout. They also supply the power you need during the colder months. This helps you keep your home warm and your furnace running.

Please note: 

Solar power works on cloudy days but power is greatly reduced. Plan to manage the power you receive by using it wisely and making the most out of it. 


At Solar Panels Express, we believe your fears are now arrested and you can use your solar power better in the cold season. Fall is the best season to go solar! This is because most solar companies are less busy this season. Installation is faster! 

You get the advantage of not waiting for long to get the inspection and permits ready for your system to be switched on. Finally, you get to enjoy the solar Federal tax credit that is provided for those who install solar power systems before 2023.

Don’t shy away from getting solar power; it is a reliable source of power throughout all seasons. You only need to learn its usage and align it to the seasons.