Planning to install Solar Panels in your Las Vegas Home? Debunking three myths!

We install Solar Panels in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, some widespread myths about solar panels and energy prevent homeowners from making the switch to produce clean, renewable energy to run their homes. At Solar Panels Express, we hear many misconceptions, and it is our responsibility to help clear them up to facilitate a proactive approach towards solar power! Continue reading as we debunk some pervasive myths about solar panels and gain additional insight about Solar Panels Express and how we can help you in Las Vegas today!

  1. The government will give you free panels

Well, as good as it sounds, this is unfortunately very untrue. Like all nasty rumors, this myth spread like wildfire due to scammy yet attention-drawing advertisements. With a solar loan or lease, you may be able to fund your solar system with nothing coming from your pocket, but the United States federal or state governments do not provide free panels! However, federal solar incentives are enormously generous, allowing homeowners to claim more than 20% in tax credit (ITC). 

  1. Solar Panels will damage your roof

Property owners often shy away from installing solar because they hear it will damage their roof; however, this sort of occurrence is infrequent. At Solar Panels Express, we conduct an in-depth inspection of the roof’s structural and engineering quality to ensure the roof will withstand the panels’ additional weight. We will also provide you with a workmanship warranty.

This warranty, typically lasting between five and 25 years, will protect you and cover all damages resulting from installation, if any. Working with Solar Panels Express means you will not need to worry about the risk of any damages. We are a licensed, qualified installer and take great pride in our service! 

  1. Going Solar will earn you a check from your utility company

This isn’t entirely a myth and is, in fact, a legitimate fact in some rare technical circumstances.  Most utility companies have restrictions in place to prevent you from installing a solar system that produces more energy than what your meter history indicates. If you generate more solar energy than you’re consuming, your utility company will provide monetary credits towards your future electricity bill if they offer net metering. They rarely will pay as a check – more likely; it will remain an ongoing credit on your electricity bill. It is improbable; however, if your utility company sends you a check for excess electricity, it’s likely for a wholesale electricity rate that has a much lower value than net metering credits. 

  1. Solar is for financially ‘well-off’ people

Solar panels are not just for affluent individuals! Thanks to the continued trend of falling solar energy costs and increased accessibility of financing options, solar is a feasible option for many property owners. The evidence is plain as day, since 2010, the price of solar energy has fallen by more than 82%

Are you interested in going Solar? If you are interested in making the switch, Solar Panels Express is the best choice to install an affordable yet reliable solution that addresses all of your needs! We are a leading solar panel installer in Nevada and can help you achieve your solar aspirations today! Contact us for more information and guidance!