How to Find Affordable Solar Panels in Phoenix

We install solar panels in Phoenix. As solar energy systems are a heavily growing industry and installing them is becoming more commonplace, being a savvy homeowner can help you find the best deals, making your installation process pain-free and economical! This post will discuss the affordability of solar energy in Phoenix and ways of being frugal! 

How affordable is Solar in Phoneix?

There is considerable literature on the dramatic price drop of solar energy over the last decade. Based on data collected nationwide, the average consumer pays around $2.81 per watt of solar power. Essentially, this implies that for homeowners across the county, solar systems have reduced in price by thousands. According to Energy Sage, as of January 2021, Phoenix’s average solar panel cost is $2.64 per watt. Therefore for the average 6kW residential system before any tax credits will approximate around $15,840. After claiming the 26% federal solar tax credit, this will dramatically fall to merely $11,721. 

Quick Payback Periods Increase Affordability 

When your new solar panel system is live and producing energy, you will begin reducing your electricity bills or eliminating them altogether! After a particular period post-installation, you will break even on your solar investment. Eventually, you will have saved the amount of money you invested in solar by lowering your electric bills. This is known as the payback period, and it is a powerful indicator of the financial benefit of installing solar.

The average payback period for solar in the U.S. is around eight years. The length of your payback period is variable. Factors like upfront price and local electricity rates, the system’s size, and the amount of sun can affect the duration. Generally, solar energy systems function for 25 to 30 years. This means that an average solar installation will earn you money for about 20 years after the payback period has been reached. This is important because installing solar will be a significant net positive for cash in your pocket. Instead of paying your utility company for electricity, you will generate most or all of your home energy for free. Once the payback period is reached, solar is no longer just affordable; it becomes is profitable! 

Use Solar Panels Express for Affordable and Reliable SolutionsGoing solar can be complicated, and the most effective and efficient way to make sure you get an affordable, high-quality installation is by using Solar Panels Express. It is our mission to provide reliable and affordable solutions to our customers based in Phoneix. Contact us today, and we will get in touch with you to design and install the most suitable system that will address all of your needs! If you want to shave hundreds off your utility bill and start to enjoy the financial incentives of using solar energy today, please reach out to us!