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Do you wonder why your Solar System is not reducing your electricity bill?

There are several reasons why your solar panels have not reduced your utility bill. Some of these reasons are: the amount of power you use daily in your home, how your utility company charges you for power the weather seasons.

Solar Panels Express presents you several reasons why your solar panels have not reduced your utility bill. Some of these reasons are:

  • The amount of power you use daily in your home
  • How your utility company charges you for power
  • The weather seasons 

Thankfully, there are ways to get your utility bill under control.

How can you help reduce your bill?

  • Ensuring your solar panels are working right. Do you know if your solar panels are working right? Solar panels underperform for various reasons causing your utility bills to become higher than normal. Getting a company that monitors your systems as we do helps you know in case anything is not working right. 
  • Stop using more power than needed. Most homeowners fall into the trap of using more power after going the solar way. This will make the costs go higher. It is crucial to keep in mind that your solar system can only provide the amount of electricity your household can survive on. If you find that you are using more power than your system produces, you may need to consider adding more solar panels. 
  • Your billing affects your solar saving. What rate does your utility company use? It is smart to review your power bill to find out how you are billed for power. Your utility company might have other rate plans that can help you save some money. Take time to find out how you are compensated for the power that you produce on your solar system and supply it to the grid. If you own plugin-hybrids and EVs you may eligible for special reduced rates. 
  • Time of use billing can affect your solar savings. In this kind of billing, the time of day affects how much you pay for electricity. The peak rate hour is the most expensive time to use electricity. If you are in this system of billing and your peak hours are after sunset, your electricity bill will be very high. To reduce the impact, try to cut your use of electricity during peak rate hours.
  • Investing in home batteries can help you beat the high prices. If you are at the time of use billing, you may want to invest in home batteries. These batteries power your home during the peak rate hours using electricity they stored from the solar system in the day. Home batteries also provide power backup in case of a power outage. 

If you notice you have been having problems with high electricity costs even with solar panels installed, you can reach out to us. We will carry out a test on all your solar system and ascertain its working right before we advise on anything. 

We are always quick to come to your rescue so you can be able to save as much money as possible with solar power. It’s never impossible to work with solar; it’s the easiest, best-performing power source in the 21st century. You only need to learn how to use your power, and that we will teach you!

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