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Do you have to pay for electricity bill if you choose to use solar Power?

At Solar Panels Express, we know that you still have to pay for the electricity bill if all your electricity is not generated by your solar panels, . If you are on a time-of-use billing plan, you might be paying peak rates in the evening after your solar system stops generating power. 

This can make your electricity bill quite expensive! Some states are now offering the option of installing home batteries that keeps your electricity bill low. 

What is the best way to reduce your electricity bill? 

Having learned that you can still pay high bills for your electricity bill, it is crucial to know how you can reduce this bill. 

If you have invested in the solar system, the power you get from it is free. For this reason, it makes sense to use as much of this electricity as possible. Plan to take up chores that use lots of power like laundry during the day when the solar power is a lot. Home batteries are very helpful in keeping more power for use in the evening. They can charge from your solar during the day. 

Investing in home batteries makes a lot of sense because they hold power that will power your home in the evening. A state like California has high electricity rates from 4-9 pm. Running your home on batteries during these hours will help you avoid paying the high peak evening rates. 

What about net metering

Solar system owners are compensated by energy companies for electricity sent to the grid by their solar systems. This process is called net metering. If you choose to use more of your solar power, you will send less electricity to the grid. This will reduce your compensation under the net metering system. But you will use more of your power for free.

You ought to know that the value you get per-kilowatt-hour under the net metering is not worth your power. They pay you way lesser than the amount your utility company charges you for drawing power from the grid. You will get the best deal by using your power for free than getting it under net metering. 

Is it possible to go off the grid

If you follow the above advice, you will manage your electricity cost by far. As solar and battery power continue to lower the prices, you continue getting closer to the grid parity. When you reach the grid parity, it means you can supply all its electric needs from the solar supply. At this point, most people wonder if it’s time to disconnect the power cord and go off-grid.

The best advice we can give you is to keep the electrical power as a backup. A household that produces all its power is only given a small power bill from their utility company. A minimum bill has no charges for electricity consumption. It charges only the fees that the utility company charges to be connected to the grid.

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