Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter? A plan for your LA home!

We Install Solar panels in Los Angeles. Even in winters, California is blessed with the golden sun! Winters in LA don’t get very chilly, with data gathered over the last decade indicate that temperatures don’t often fall lower than 50 Fahrenheit, with the occasional shower of rain. This post will attempt to clear misconceptions and other doubts you may have about a solar panel’s functionality during the winter months. This post will not be exclusive to Los Angeles alone; we will also focus on all types of different winter environments and how they may affect solar panels’ operating ability! 

How Effective are Solar Panels in the Winter? 

One common misconception about solar energy is that it is useless during winter. Remember, however, it is about sunlight, not warmth! In fact, research into photovoltaic cells and systems (PV cells– also known as solar cells, convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are made up of PV cells) show that solar panels operate much better in cooler, winter-like environments

Furthermore, cities leading in solar panel installation (installed per capita) are apart of northern states. Having sunlight levels close to Alaska, Germany is a global leader in solar energy today, with an impressive 13% of their energy coming from renewable sources.  

So for the occasional chilly day in LA, you have nothing to worry about; in fact, you will get much more than you bargained for! The beauty of switching to solar systems in LA is that the average temperature targets PV cells’ optimal performance range at 77 Fahrenheit.

Do Solar Panels Need Winter Maintenance? 

Solar Panels are great for supplying your home with clean energy for several reasons. Not only do they have a working life of up to 30 years, setting you up for great returns on your investment, but they also require little to no maintenance, even in winter! During the hot, dry LA summer, your solar panels may need periodic maintenance to clear debris and 

clean them. If they are installed tilted (pointing upwards on a roof), that can be even more advantageous as any winter or spring showers can do the cleaning for you! 

More professional maintenance will be required to clear up heavy wet snow in areas that experience heavy snowfall and harsher winters. A preventive measure would be to opt for snow guards while installing your panels, as this can also help with roof damage! 

Do Solar Panels work in the snow? 

This is yet another myth. Solar panels are covered by anti-reflective glass designed to absorb maximum sunlight (thereby generating more electricity), which means that solar panels also produce more heat from the sun than your roof surface. That heat melts snow on your roof, keeping your solar system active even when heavy snow may still be on the ground.

Looking for Solar Installers? The wind, snow, rain, cold, etc., anything you throw at a solar panel won’t stop it from doing what it does best; providing green energy for your home. If you are interested in making the switch, Solar Panels Express is the best choice to install an affordable yet reliable solution that addresses all of your needs! We are a leading solar panel installer in California and can help you achieve your solar aspirations today!