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Choosing Solar Energy Providers – Local Vs. National

At Solar Panel Express, we know that solar energy use is growing each year with more people installing solar panels in their homes and businesses. Today, people are more aware than ever of the benefits of solar energy and are choosing to go the solar way. 

To meet this growing need, more and more solar providers have come up across the country. A variety of suppliers are also available to meet this need. There are local and national suppliers in each state trying to reach as many people as possible. 

Choosing a perfect provider

  • National or local? A national solar provider installs solar panels in various states and locations across the United States. These are the big companies you mostly read about when you look for solar information. They have immense marketing efforts and a huge customer following across the states. Local solar providers only serve a specific state or area. They are armed with massive local expertise and building code knowledge that drives the local area. Local installers may have key benefits that national installers lack in some areas. This makes the local suppliers more suited for local projects. 

What are these benefits of a local provider? 

  • Local providers understand the local laws and requirements for solar installation
  • They have a deeper knowledge of the area and the architecture
  • Have a higher customer satisfaction due to their availability
  • They hire full-time crew from the community adding value to the community they serve
  • Helps the locals with energy incentives and local rebates
  • They have a stronger customer relationship that creates trust

Why go local? 

  • They are focused on local satisfaction. Local providers understand the need to do a good job because they live within the community. They rely heavily on word of mouth reviews and must do a thorough job to earn them. Besides, their employees live, work and play in the same community. So they care about the people around them. One bad installation will not hurt a national company but it will a local company. You can be sure the local company will go the extra mile to make sure the installation is done best. This is the reason why most local companies rank higher in customer satisfaction than their national counterparts.
  • They understand the local laws governing solar power. A solar installation is not simply putting the panels on the roof and that’s final. You have to secure the right permits that meet the state, county, and city requirements. There are local safety guidelines that must be met to work on a residential roof in any way. To get any solar panels installed, you must file the correct paperwork and get the right permits. A national provider will help you with these requirements. But they will have to learn from scratch before they can do anything, increasing the chances of delay. Local companies are familiar with the requirements and are confident to get the right permits for the job.

We are a local company consistently ranked as one of the best installers in this whole region. For solar installations, solar repairs, we will provide the right expertise and advice that you need.

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