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Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

Did you know solar energy has many benefits to the environment? You may have heard how solar helps the planet Earth but you may not know exactly how it helps the environment.

Did you know solar energy has many benefits to the environment? You may have heard how solar helps the planet Earth but you may not know exactly how it helps the environment. 

There are many benefits of using solar energy to the user. But here we look at the benefits solar accords to the environment. Here are a few major benefits.

  • Reduces water scarcity. Water is a valuable natural resource that must be protected. Its scarcity is dangerous and catastrophic. Generating electricity uses a lot of water – millions of liters of water. Water is used to process and refine fuel in traditional energy plants. It is also used to cool generators to help them run 24 hours. Hydropower and nuclear energy rely on an extreme amount of water mostly from dams to generate power. These dams are most likely to affect the ecosystems and damage the environment. Solar power generates its energy from the sun. This greatly helps in reducing the strain on water resources. If the whole US switched to solar energy, we could serve about 1.3 million homes with clean regular water.
  • Reduce reliance on the limited resources. Humans rely on resources like natural gases, oil, and coal for power. The earth has many resources that have remained unrecognized and unused for decades. The use of the limited resources will lead to their exhaustion within a few years to come. Mining, drilling, burning fossil fuels, and transporting releases harmful pollutants into the air. This in turn harms us as we breathe and harms the surrounding environment. By eliminating these harmful pollutants, we can save many lives. Using solar which is green energy will substitute for the dependence on these limited resources that harm our environment. We will not only have electricity but also keep the earth healthy and protect our infrastructure. 
  • Reduces greenhouse gases. One of the main contributors to global warming is the excess CO2 in the air. As the carbon count increases, the amount of heat trapped in the air increases too and continues to damage planet earth. More than 1/3 of greenhouse emissions originate from electricity usage in homes and commercial places. Solar energy does not release any greenhouse emissions into the air when generating power. By choosing solar energy to power your home or business, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to better earth with slow global warming. Reducing the amount of traditional electricity used in homes can have a significant impact on the environment.

Overall, as we have seen solar has many benefits to the environment that we cannot ignore. Switching to solar energy helps reduce the strain on valuable resources that the environment needs to stay healthy for longer. Solar panels help keep the air clean and healthy for generations to come. It is a sure way to protect the environment to be able to serve many generations that will come in the future.

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